SMEGMA - pigs for lepers CD, Harbinger Sound




“Pigs For Lepers was Smegma’s second longplayer, originally the seventh release on their own Pigface Records imprint back in 1982. This CD is a limited reissue and is U.K. label Harbinger Sound’s first shot in an attempt to coherently catalogue Smegma’s wayward non-career. The cover features the original picture that was thought in ‘bad taste’ and upset local printers, as part of an 8 page colour booklet that also includes artwork and photographs from the Smegma archives. An extra track too — ‘Mutant Baby’ — recorded live in 1979 and featured on an obscure Trap Records compilation from years back. The actual Pigs… recordings span 1962 right up to 1982. This is an excellent introduction to the world of Smegma — a band whose influence has slowly seeped everywhere over the past few decades — ask Nurse With Wound, Wolf Eyes, Merzbow or any of the New Weird America crowd whom would give anything to be as ‘weird’ as Smegma! To parrot writer Richard Meltzer, you’ll never hear sound the same way again.”