SMEGMA - rumblings CD, Hanson




“Considered by many the kings and queens of American free noise, Smegma have been confusing minds since 1973 when they helped form the Los Angeles Free Music Society. They’ve recorded with everyone from Wildman Fisher to Merzbow and more recently, with noise goons Wolf Eyes. This disc is their first full length in nearly 10 years and also the first to feature vocalist / punk beatnik / Blue Oyster Cult lyricist Richard Meltzer. Rumblings is a sound collage of turntable manipulations, electronics, horns, bells, junk, toys, marijuana, and surf rock band. Smegma have been around forever and show no signs of slowing down. They just hopped off a killer west-coast tour with Wolf Eyes, Rubber O Cement and Comets On Fire where they ripped the skulls off of everyone.”