SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN - complexion CD, Very Friendly




“Very Friendly (in collaboration/co-operation from Spirit Of Orr) are honored to offer you 2005’s “Complexion” for the first time on CD (and their first UK release) originally released on a limited run of 1000 vinyl. ‘Another psychic gangbang from New England’s finest fever dream peddlers. This record contains futuristic meditations on some proto-gypsy ritual from the distant past & hyper-realistic abstractions tailor made for the absurdity of human interaction as it has come to be recognized in the present day. Complexion, unlike other Sunburned records, promises invisible skin for the faces between your ears and trancendental pulse options for the curiously minded purveyors of a young millenium. Once again the have-nots trump the haves with even deeper proclaimations of emancipation and Complexion penetrates far below the surface, opening the pores, smoothing every wrinkle & gently guiding the crow’s feet closer to oblivion. Complexion is beautifully wrapped in the visonary artwork of Mr. John Jagel whos work also includes the album cover to John Coltrane’s ‘Ole Coltrane’ and Ornette Coleman’s ‘Ornette’ LP.”