SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN - the trickle down theory of lord knows what CD, Eclipse




“Reissue of the LP that surfaced in June 2003. On The Trickle-Down Theory of Lord Knows What, indecipherable chants come in dripping with echo; drones pervade almost everything; drums gradually rise through the songs as if the appropriate rhythms were discovered as a latent effect; and after a while, the sounds vanish. All of the music retains a willingness to lash out amidst muted, indistinct waves of sound that wash over the entire album. Battlegrounds materialize, then fade away. It is certain that Sunburned Hand of the Man stand for something a little more old-fashioned than might be expected. The obvious attempt is to find a backdoor to a present situation. Backdoors separate in from out. It becomes a beautiful question of which side you occupy. This group is one that will be happily outside — when the decrepit structure forming the inside — collapses with a satisfying crash and whimper. The group is part of a cosmic folk explosion or what some call the ‘New Weird America’.”