TROPA MACACA - sensacao do principio LP, Siltbreeze




“Sensacao Do Principio is the third release proper from Tropa Macaca and their first with an American label. Their previous efforts on Ruby Red and Qbico were magnificent (though hard to find) efforts of blotted, aural sci-fi codifications somewhere between Anar Band and Blues Control. The two-track full-length continues their foray into post-psychedelic instrumental morphine, where Moolah’s LP and Pink Floyd’s “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict” function as templates for the greater good. In other words, you gotta hear if for yourself.”[Marfim is] three long tracks of cyclical minimal percussion stampede from a Portuguese experimental duo taking a somewhat purist approach to ambient noise. All three offerings are based around the same type of sounds, and adjust accordingly to suit pulse patterns and overall attack. If you filed off all the sibilance from Esplendor Geometrico and filtered it through the liquid, abstract psychedelic vibes outgassed from Black Dice’s last few efforts, you’d get something approaching the sputter and cavernous tracks presented here. “Tronco Nu” takes up a full side and has the longest build, but its eventual “melodic” denouement plays off as striking and somewhat emotional. “Zona do Bicho” steps up the aggression and comes closest to full-bore noise, but never lets go of the beat it’s anchored to. “Poco da Morte” ends this satisfying debut by taking a tattoo gun to Can and Blue Cheer records from across the street, building in intensity along the way.” – Doug Mosurak, Dusted Magazine