TYVEK - tyvek LP, Siltbreeze




“Following a gaggle of seven-inches for goose-y labels such as X!, Whats Your Rupture?, S-S, and MLadys Records, Tyvek delivers a long-player that couldnt make Siltbreeze happier were the colonel slathered in foie gras and seared to a crisp. A few tracks on this effort are familiar to any who saw the band live in 2008; the rest, well, its as fresh as new fallen snow when you get right down to it. Combining an uncanny channeling of The Urinals and early Mekons, Tyvek drops jaws to floors with solid acorns of repetitive punk/pop numbers that became oaks almost instantaneously. The inclusion of Damon (a.k.a. Teets of Puffy Areolas) brings in another sonic dimension and suddenly the bands set veers into a Velvet Underground-by-way-of-The Feelies stratosphere. Here yuoll find a mixture of both, the blend of two perfect worlds. Practically a year in the making, this baby is worth every second of the wait.”