UNHOLY SWILL - legacy of stupidity CD, Noiseville




“Unholy Swill is where it all began for Noiseville back in 1988. Between 1988 and 1993, the Swill released a bunch of singles, and 2 albums in the US, England, Belgium and Australia. For years people have been asking for a CD with everything on it. Well, there is just too much to fit it all on one CD, and quite honestly, most of it isn’t worth hearing again. Unholy Swill were pioneers of ultra low fi drunk punk stupidity, often compared to Drunks With Guns. This CD includes most of the singles and some less noisier versions of songs from their “Oniontown is the Place To Be” album, and a number of live cuts from their last show in 1993. 72 minutes of drunk punk stupidity.”