WET HAIR - in vogue spirit LP, De Stijl




“Wet Hair have been living on the road and in the studio for the last few years and have made something special out of little more than synths, drums, flesh, blood, organs and ideas. They’ve travelled the world supporting the astral concepts of their music, which has henceforth had a subterranean visibility. In Vogue Spirit is their 3rd LP and it is surely the one wherein all elements have gelled : the hazy, shifting experimental semi-thrust, the psychedelic production (notice we didn’t use the word “dub”) and the effortless melodic flow contribute to the vibe that makes this sound infinitely more fresh than the forms explored therein. There is no seismic shift. Worlds don’t collide. Silver Apples don’t grow on the Moon. The contributions Wet Hair makes nudge a strange and subtle augmentation on the template, and that’s all i’m content with asking of Pop Music.”